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Attorneys Dedicated to Protecting the Civil Rights of Minnesotans

Even being accused of a crime can lead to feelings of helplessness and despair in some. It can seem as if the resources and dedication of an entire police department and team of prosecutors could never allow even an innocent person to escape conviction.

In quite a few cases, however, misconduct along the way by police ends up turning the tables. Civil rights attorneys in Minnesota who are ready to help reveal such problems regularly make all the difference for their clients.

Many Dedicated Professionals and a Few Bad Apples

The vast majority of all police officers in Minnesota today are devoted public servants who take their responsibilities very seriously. Even so, there are also some who slip through the cracks, taking short cuts and liberties with the rights of citizens that can end up being harmful.

Even those police officers who are most dedicated to doing everything by the book sometimes slip up and make mistakes. When that happens, the rights of a person accused of a crime can easily be violated in the process.

It is not always straightforward or comfortable to grapple with such questions involving Civil rights & police misconduct. At the same time, doing so can be the difference between an innocent person deservedly going free and the cause of justice being subverted.

Aggressive Legal Representation That Safeguards Civil Rights

Fortunately, police misconduct lawyers in Minneapolis are ready to help whenever such issues arise. Some of the types of situations where their assistance most commonly proves valuable include:

Drunk driving. Virtually everyone agrees that keeping drunk drivers off the road is a cause worth pursuing. While police officers are empowered with quite a few tools for doing so, these have well established limits. Even well meaning police officers will sometimes step over clear legal boundaries and end up putting the reputation of an innocent driver in jeopardy in the process. Attorneys who are able to highlight such problems and make them clear in court can secure acquittals and more for their clients.

Drug charges. Another type of situation where the civil rights of Minnesotans are often violated involves the discovery by police of controlled substances on a person or their property. While some of these cases include no inappropriate conduct, too many Minnesota residents have been convicted on the basis of illegally obtained evidence. An attorney who is ready to point out such problems can save an innocent client from prison.

By assisting in matters like these and many others, attorneys throughout the state protect the civil rights of residents. Without access to this important type of legal representation, the rights of far too many would be violated.

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